Doing business the smart
and considerate way

Do you want to simplify administrative processes in your company (e.g. by digitizing documents) and you do not know where to start? Do you need to orient yourself in the field of marketing, which has undergone a radical transformation in recent years? You would like to get financial resources for your projects, but the subsidy system is baffling for you? Then you came to the right place.





With respect
to nature

Stop plundering
the planet Earth!

At the end of the last century, environmental issues were the domain of only a handful of left-wing intellectuals. Twenty years later, we are all in this together. Every day, every minute, it is in the power of each of us to consciously choose the steps that minimize the impact of our actions on the environment.

One of the areas that still have many reserves in this regard is the area of business. We are personally interested in environmental issues and have 15 years of business experience, so we know what is important. We will show you how to set up processes so that they are more environmentally friendly and at the same time save your costs. It is a win-win situation.

Business as a living organism.

Your company/organization is a living organism. You have to keep it healthy and sometimes adapt it to the outside environment. The speed at which today's society is changing has long exceeded the speed of sound. Can't keep up? Tell us. We will help you look at your business from an appropriate distance and plan the necessary changes.

What exactly can we help you with?

Innovation and technology
for the future

Is the expansion of the universe accelerating, or is it constant, and time is slowing down, as physicists Senovilla and Vera claim? We watch the changing world with the eagerness and enthusiasm of a child. We are always two steps ahead; feet on the ground but with his head in the clouds. Digital transformation, innovation and smart technologies are our daily bread and we will help you with them.

  • Consultations in the field of digital transformation
  • Blockchain and its use in business
  • Artificial intelligence and opportunities for meaningful deployment in your organization
  • How to work better with data

which makes sense

Our world is changing at lightning speed, and so is marketing. Commercials on TV or print media are no longer in the leads as the focus shifts to the online world of social media, influencers and YouTubers. We will advise you on how to keep up with the times and effectively present your business despite constant social changes.

  • Communication strategy
  • PR
  • Working with the brand
  • Social networks


We are searching for subsidy programs that help municipalities, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs to financially maintain operations or expand. We administer ongoing projects for our clients and make sure they develop correctly.

  • For municipalities
  • For entrepreneurs
  • For non-profits
Provoz 13
Kamenicky Šenov
Město Weisswasser
Mýdlárna koukol
NSZ Neukrich
Neukirch lausitz
Farní charita
Sklářská škola Kamenický Šenov
Liberecký Krajský Atletický Svaz
Obec Zdiby
Sklářské muzeum Weisswasser
Hlídač státu

In 2020, we received over CZK 40 million for our partners.

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Cross-border cooperation Czech Republic – the Free State of Saxony

  • Brniště municipality – Blooming meadows project (CZK 6m), 100398336
  • Spolek pro Cestování hendikepovaných Association - Travel for the disabled people (CZK 6m), 100533122
  • City of Varnsdorf - A world where neighbours help each other (CZK 6m), 100528502
  • City of Kamenický Šenov - Lustrfest/Lüsterfest/Chandelier festival (450K CZK), ERN-0994-CZ-19.09.2019
  • International Symposium of Engraved Glass (450K CZK), ERN-0996-CZ-19.09.2019

OP Employment ESF

  • Elementary School ZŠ Zdiby - Zdiby Children's Club (CZK 2.2m), CZ.03.1.51 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 19_107 / 0016320
  • Elementary School ZŠ Klíč Česká Lípa - School club ZŠ KLÍČ (CZK 2.2m), CZ.03.1.51 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 19_107 / 0016361


  • Secondary School of Glassmaking Kamenický Šenov, Innovation and Tradition in European Glass Processing; 2020-1-CZ01- KA229-078503_1. (CZK 2m)

Intereg V A Czech-Polish cooperation

  • Motyčkovic Klika: Establishment of the C.L.O.W.N. network , reg. no. CZ.11.4.120 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_012 / 0002796 (CZK 962K)
  • Motyčkovic Klika: C.L.O.W.N., Creative Learning Online -Web & Network, CZ.11.4.120 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 20_032 / 0002859 (CZK 8.4m)

OSF Foundation

  • Hlídač státu z.ú. - K-index (CZK 2.5m)

Norwegian EEA funds, environment, Tromso challenge

  • Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava (VSB – Technical University of Ostrava), 3202100004 "Influence of traffic on air pollution within the TEN-T route Ústí nad Labem - Mělník - Zdiby" (CZK 9m)

Czech-German Fund for the Future

  • 0_21_11539 Gemeinsam durch Corona - es geht weiter wir wollen uns wiedersehen! / Together through the Corona – let’s keep going; we want to meet again. (CZK 350K)
  • 6_21_11513 Erfahrungsaustausch von Freizeiteinrichtungen zur Zeit der Pandemie / Sharing the experience of leisure facilities during the pandemic (CZK 250K)

About us

In October 2019, we started our small company GetBizDone s.r.o., which deals with innovation, marketing and, more recently, mainly fundraising. Our company has the status of a social enterprise. We employ more than 30% of people who are disadvantaged in the labour market. These are people with disabilities or people who care for disabled people. We provide our employees with opportunities to work from home and tailor-made professional training.

Darina Maule Darina Maule
Darina Maule Co-founder

She has 15 years of experience in employing people with disabilities and running an award-winning social enterprise.

Jana Panáčková Jana Panáčková
Jana Panáčková Co-founder

She has been involved in non-formal and further education and grant opportunities since 2006. She helps non-profit and commercial organizations to obtain funding from various sources.

Luděk Šafář Luděk Šafář
Luděk Šafář Co-founder

He has 10 years of experience leading a business team in one of the largest IT corporations in the world, 20 years of experience in IT, helps companies primarily with technological innovations.

Filip Molčan Filip Molčan
Filip Molčan Co-founder

17 years ago, he founded a social enterprise looking for meaningful work for people with disabilities. He spent a year in Silicon Valley and has had numerous startups. He is one of the 100 greatest innovators in Europe and has won several awards in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation.

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