About the GetBizDone project

European Union
European Social Fund
Operational Programme Employment
The social enterprise GetBizDone was supported by the Operational Program Employment and established within the project: GetBizDone, CZ.03.2.60 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 17_129 / 0014927

The project aims to create a new social enterprise GetBizDone based in Děčín. The new business activity of the company is the sale of services in the field of marketing, IT consulting and fundraising. The main goal of the project is to create 5 new jobs for people with disabilities and people caring for another dependent person. Another key goal is to help set up sustainable activities in businesses that will be environmentally friendly and help reduce the environmental footprint.

Expected benefits of the project

  • the establishment of a new social enterprise in Děčín, which will continue to be operated and developed on a long-term basis
  • creation of 5 new jobs for people at a disadvantage in the labour market
  • introduction of flexible forms of work and part-time work into everyday practice
  • quality presentation of this type of work and social entrepreneurship within our communication channels
  • long-term work with employees, developing their individual abilities and skills
  • helping clients streamline their business, which will also be environmentally friendly
  • a campaign showing that doing business just for money is no longer cool

The project includes

  • the creation of a social enterprise and the creation of new jobs
  • education and individual development of social enterprise employees
  • business activity and marketing of a social enterprise
  • operation of a social enterprise
  • introduction of environmentally friendly processes in companies in the Czech Republic

Principles of social enterprise GetBizDone

The company adheres to the following principles and has them listed in the partnership agreement s.r.o .(Ltd.):

I. Social benefit

  1. to introduce sustainable business in the Czech Republic, to reduce the carbon and ecological footprint, both at oneself and other entities
  2. to contribute to the improvement of the education system in the Czech Republic by introducing new methods into teaching
  3. to support the development of innovation and new environmentally friendly technologies
  4. to support the development of social and environmental enterprises
  5. to support the development of associations and civic life in the Czech Republic
  6. to support small corporations and small business owners by incubating new ideas
  7. to create and implement their own projects for the development of education and ecological thinking
  8. to break down prejudices and fears that with the approach of new technologies, people will lose their jobs
  9. to popularize new environmentally friendly technologies

II. Social benefits

  1. employ more than 30% of people with disabilities and carers
  2. ensure long-term education and development of individual professional competencies of its employees
  3. provide support to employees taking into account their specific needs:
    • for people caring for a dependent person, as well as for people with disabilities, it will be mainly a flexible part-time employment with home office options
    • our employee will be trained and after training can for the most part work directly from home
    • employees can also attend from home regular weekly meetings - the office will be equipped with a large screen , interconnected with PC, thanks to which several employees at once can attend meetings remotely via online communication software
    • online communication software and a camera, or long telephone conversations will be used in the company for normal business communication within the team
  4. to provide comfort for colleagues with disabilities in the form of a barrier-free toilet and assistants helping to get in
  5. take into account the flexibility of changes, during illnesses, the need to visit a doctor, looking for solution of current personal issues of our employees and other similar situations (the company employs more people contracted for shorter hours)
  6. hold regular meetings to inform employees about the company's operations, financial results and, thanks to joint consultations and meetings, to ensure their participation in the company's decision-making processes
    • Operational meetings of the company and its team are held every week. A record of the meeting containing the tasks of individual members of the team is written down. This entry is shared on the company's shared online storage, one drive and company’s SLACK, and is available to all members of the company's team.
  7. create a comfortable non-stress environment in the office, which stimulates creativity and allows the development of good ideas
  8. participate in the personal enjoyment and satisfaction of our employees
  9. as part of the reinvestment of profits in the good course of business, buy a barrier-free apartment in the seaside area, where employees and their families can go to spend their free time and holidays at a symbolic price of energy and basic operation of the apartment

III. Economic benefits

  1. the company is an independently operating limited liability company that is not dependent on public administration or any other economic entity
  2. more than 51% of the company's profit must be reinvested in the company's development and fulfilment of its declared socially beneficial principles
  3. Profit distribution: The company will reinvest at least 51% of net profit annually in its development and the development of its employees. Specifically, in practice, this means that after the approval of economic outcome, the partners decide that they usually pay 30-49% of the profit and reinvest the rest to support new projects or social goals, purchase of technology and ICT equipment, staff training, support to create new jobs, improving work support of the target group.
  4. revenues from the sale of services in the company's total revenues must be over 30%

IV. Environmental benefits

our company formulates principles for the environmentally friendly business and will adhere to these principles

Digital transformation
  • implement the paperless operation of the entire organization
  • thanks to software and technologies, we will sign documents electronically and archive them in virtual folders sorted by systems on i-clouds instead of in binders
Minimalization of the travel needs
  • remote work support for our own employees
  • supporting carsharing
  • optimization of business trips thanks to the use of a system/application for sharing trips
  • we would like to use electric vehicles for our consultation trips in the future
Waste sorting and recycling
  • the company sorts waste on its premises
  • it uses its own containers to deliver lunches, not disposable boxes
Maximal utilisation of automation and robotics
  • the main goal of the company is to help other entities in the Czech Republic reduce their carbon footprint and support ecology
  • the company will set an example and apply all procedures and measures of environmentally friendly business
Recommendation of ecological functioning to other subjects
  • Our company will perform a free audit of the environmental footprint of the operation of the entity. This is followed by consultations related to the implementation of the principles of sustainable operation, recommendations for waste sorting and recycling, paperless operation, eco-friendly travel, etc. The company will provide advice and participate with individual entities in the gradual implementation of these measures.

V. Local benefits

  • the company provides priority services in the region and supports the development of the local economy
  • the company will implement marketing services for a symbolic price for non-profit organizations LÍP A SPOLU z. s., working with families of children on the autistic spectrum, and VELKÝ VŮZ SEVER working with families of mentally disabled children
  • the company preferentially employs residents from the Liberec Region and the Ústí Region