Principles of social enterprise GetBizDone

Social benefit

We employ and socially integrate people disadvantaged on the labor market.

We support non-profit organizations that help disabled, disadvantaged children, seniors and parents with small children. We help professionalize the non-profit sector.

We create projects that help protect the environment.

We support local sustainable solutions and contribute to connecting local effective cooperation.

We connect school facilities and non-profit organizations in international partnerships and experience sharing.

We support the development of education in the Czech Republic and the sharing of experience in the development of education internationally.

We run education that complements formal education in schools in direct cooperation with them.

Economic benefit

We reinvest more than 51% of the profit into the development of the social enterprise and its declared socially beneficial goals.

The management of the company is independent of the external founder or owner.

Revenues from own sales of products, services and goods make up at least 30% of the company’s total revenue.

Social benefits

The share of persons from disadvantaged groups (OZS) is at least 30% of all employees of the social enterprise.

We provide integration support, education and qualification development to employees from groups of disadvantaged persons (OZS).

We regularly and systematically inform employees about the operation of the company, its economic situation, the financial results and the fulfillment of socially beneficial goals.

The company’s employees are involved in making decisions about the company’s direction.

Environmental benefit

We have formulated principles of environmentally friendly business, production, consumption and operation of business activities, and at the same time we fulfill these principles in practice.

We participate in the creation of ecological local solutions in cooperation with cities, municipalities, companies and non-profit organizations.

Local benefit

We orient our business, operations and other activities to local needs.

We always prefer to use local resources:
a) we employ local residents,
b) we buy from local suppliers.

We communicate and cooperate with local actors of the local market and public life.